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Here, in more or less chronological order are the weddings and engagement sessions that full-time professional photographers Paul Grupp and Brenda Rose photographed in 2017.

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Kristen and Hayden December 30th, 2017Erin and Aaron December 23rd, 2017Megan and Andy December 16, 2017Marissa and Ryan December 9, 2017Molly and Patrick November 19th, 2017Leslie and Nathan October 28, 2017Sarah and Joe October 21, 2017Kacie and Seth October 16, 2017Brittany and Leo's Wedding October 15, 2017Bailey and Katie October 7, 2017Courtney and Ty September 30, 2017Myriam and Andrew Wedding September 29, 2017Jenny and Adam September 24, 2017Naomi and  Neil September 23, 2017Catherine and Scott September 16, 2017Emily and Jordan September 9, 2017Nikki and Grant September 8, 2017Ashley and Mark September 3, 2017Francesca and Mike September 1, 2017Stephanie and Tony August 26, 2017Jessica and Scot August 5, 2017Shelby and Craig July 29, 2017Marjorie and Chris July 22, 2017Brittney and Sean July 15, 2017Kat and Steve July 8th, 2017Tyra and Brandon June 24, 2017Brittany and Alex June 18, 2017Lupe and Chris June 10, 2017Kaylee and Bill June 3, 2017Alex and Jacob May 28, 2017Suzanne and Zakary September 4, 2017Rochelle and Charles April 22, 2017Kate and Dan's Wedding May 27, 2017Andra and Jerred May 26, 2017Mackenzie and Grant April 29th, 2017Brittney and Ryan's Wedding  August 12, 2017Dana and Leigh July 23, 2017Denise and Jonathan June 17, 2017Martina and Garrett May 6th, 2017Carleen and Earl April 1st, 2017Kimberly and Chad May 1, 2017Alana and David April 7th, 2017Amy and Shahram March 25th, 2017Rachel and Chris at McMenamins Edgefield, March 12th, 2016Ali Beth and Justin March 3, 2017Melissa and Jeff February 19th, 2017Hannah and Caleb January 22, 2017Sami and Shea Wedding January 13, 2017Heidi and Cody's Wedding December 2, 2017Katie and Josh November 19th, 2017