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Here, in chronological order are the weddings and engagement sessions that full-time professional photographers Paul Grupp and Brenda Rose photographed in 2016.

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Sara and Jake November 20th, 2016Sarah and Zach November 5th, 2016Ron and Liz -  Portland Surprise Proposal October 27, 2016Taylor and Ted October 22, 2016Emily and Maria October 16th, 2016Bridget and Brandon - October 15, 2016Bridget and Kane October 14, 2016Hattie and Justin October 8, 2016Carolyn and Grant October 1, 2016Brittany and Montana September 24th, 2016Britney and April September 18, 2016Krista and Grayson September 18th, 2016Tamar and David September 16th, 2016Devon and Will August 27th, 2016Krista and Kyle August 20th, 2016Marissa and Zach August 13th, 2016Valerie and Nathan August 12th, 2016Lekadia and Michael August 7, 2016Haley and Tristan August 3, 2016Kylie and Savon July 30th, 2016 at Scholl's Valley LodgeCarley and Eric July 29, 2016Ashley and Zac July 23, 2016Justine and Ethan July 22, 2016Deni and Anthony July 17th, 2016Allison and Chris July 16, 2016Morgan and Kevin July 16th, 2016Jenna and Andrew July 8th, 2016Gonca and Brandon, July 9, 2016Whitni and Nate July 9th, 2016Mia and Andrew July 4th, 2016Ronda and Will July 1, 2016Janelle and Jim June 25th, 2016Ashley and Keaton June 18th, 2016Kyle and Thomas June 11, 2016Amanda and Henry June 6th, 2016Lisa and Antionette May 27th 2016Samantha and Tyler's Laurelhurst Park Engagement Session - May 3, 2016Amanda and Ted April 16th, 2016Hanna and Matt April 9th, 2016Christa and Dakota Engagement